New Year's Resolutions I'd Like to See Canada Adopt

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We just celebrated Canada’s 150th year and we count ourselves lucky that we live here.  Nevertheless, we can always improve, and here are three New Year’s resolutions I would like to see Canada adopt:

First, I’d like to see Canada resolve to make travel across the country much less expensive for young people, so that they could get to know their country from an early age.  A young girl from B.C. could spend some time getting to know the Maritime Provinces.  A young boy from Québec could experience life in the Rockies in Alberta.  Think what that would do for unity, what it would do to make everyone feel at home!

Secondly, I’d like to see Canada resolve to encourage Canadians in the arts before they have to go elsewhere to have their talents recognized.  So many Canadian writers, musicians, actors and playwrights, myself included, have had to “prove themselves” elsewhere before they get taken seriously in Canada.  It has nothing to do with size of market (Québec is very supportive of its artists) and everything to do with receptiveness.

Thirdly, I’d like to see Canada resolve to consider other universal healthcare systems operating in other parts of the world.  Our system still ranks about 30th internationally and has the longest wait times in the industrialized world.  There are excellent examples of universal healthcare systems in Europe, for instance.  Why not aim for the best? 

I wish you a happy 2018, with rewarding travel, inspired creativity and the best of health! 

Deane Nesbitt JrComment