Field of Poppies

Not far from Ypres, Belgium, lies Tyne Cot Cemetery, where more than 11,900 soldiers are buried.  Of these, over 8,000 are unknown.  

My wife and I visited Tyne Cot Cemetery in June of this year, while travelling to some Canadian World War I battle sites in Europe with the organization True Patriot Love.  It was a very moving experience. On arrival, we were all given a fresh red rose and then we dispersed individually throughout the cemetery.  

Finding one of the many graves that indicated “A Soldier of the Great War, Known unto God,” I placed my rose beside the stone.  In doing so, I said a few words inwardly, including “I hope in some way you know that you are not forgotten.”  One doesn’t need a name or a nationality in order to appreciate the sacrifice of a fellow human being.   

Had the Allies lost in either World War I or World War II, life in Canada would, of course, be very different. The freedom fought for over there, gave us our freedom here.  

Here is the trailer for a short film about World War II, Legacy of Warwhich has my music as soundtrack.  

The film was created by Gina Dineen around my music, which in turn was inspired by a poem written by Michael Alexander. Understandably, the whole project became much more meaningful after visiting the battle sites in Europe.  In the music, I am grateful, as always, to have worked with superb talent – arranger Brian Gagnon, guitarist Cesco Emmanuel, trumpet player Ira Zingraff, and vocalist Daphne Nesbitt. The film will be released in 2018.

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