The awards, the extensive and continuous airplay, the high rating of his music by radio stations and reviewers, the performance of his music by others, and the fact that his music has customers from New York to Singapore, all attest to the enduring quality of Deane’s music.

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Soundtracks in the Sand

Soundtracks in the Sand was inspired by films that contain Deane's music. The album includes African, Caribbean, Mexican, Celtic and North American influences.

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This island-infused instrumental will have you dancing at any age! Influenced by the soca calypso beat of Trinidad and Tobago, Upbeat is an infectious instrumental song, reminiscent of happy days in the sun.


Change for Chimps CD Baby cover.jpg

Change for Chimps (Original Soundtrack)

Deane’s music inspired the award-winning short children’s film, Change for Chimps. With the release of this soundtrack single, now you can hear the beats and sounds that conjured up the picture of a young girl’s journey to help chimpanzees live in the jungle, “where they belong.”


Canadian Summer

Canadian Summer captures the peaceful beauty and utter exhilaration that we feel when the snow melts and nature beckons us to come out and play. Originally recorded in 2005, Deane's most popular song is now available as a digital single. Be sure to see the video.    



Music in Search of a Movie

Winner of the American Philby Award as one of the top 100 music CDs of 2015 and the Best Dramatic Music of the year. A rich and diverse 12-track album with songs influenced by North American, Celtic, African and Caribbean traditions. This album has been played on more than 300 radio stations across America. 



Angels of the Ice

One of Deane's most enchanting and beautiful songs. This song is inspired by natural wonders of our polar north and south, and the unseen forces that breed survival even in the starkest of environments. Be sure to see this video, too.   


Canadian Christmas_Red_Final.jpg

Canadian Christmas

This catchy tune reflects the twinkle of Christmas in a cool (okay, cold) country where the hospitality is as warm as the hearth of a roaring fireplace.


Once and Forever.JPG

Once and Forever

This piece is about the people, animals and events that come into our lives and become a meaningful part of who we are. It is a song full of emotion and instrumentation, with a chorus that builds to the end. Like much of Deane's music, this single is extremely filmic. Featuring vocals by Daphne Nesbitt (soprano), Brian Gagnon (tenor) and Deane Nesbitt Jr. (bass).



Anthem for the Unsung Hero

A spine-tingling tribute to unsung heroes around the world who have dedicated their lives to making the world a better place. This military-themed anthem features the sound of 20 snare drums and 12 pipers. Have a look at this video, as well.  


Nesbitt - Everywhere from Here.JPG

Everywhere from Here

Ranging from quiet and haunting to grand and inspiring, this album includes one of Deane’s most popular singles: “Canadian Summer.” Performed by the Canada Pops Orchestra at the 125th anniversary of the Canadian National Exhibition, the song continues to receive airplay many years later. Other standout tracks include: “Serenica,” “Time and Memory,” and “Will It Ever Be the Same?”




Deane’s first CD, Castaway, arranged by David Nelson and produced by Gene Evans, was the first to contain all his own compositions. It reached second spot in HMV Toronto Superstore’s Independent Top 15 Chart. Prior to this Deane had two vinyl albums, On the Black Keys and by Ear and Ocean Rain.