Milpark Hyperbaric

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Imagine being told that one of your legs will have to be amputated because of a wound that won't heal, as can sometimes be the case with diabetes. You then have a series of daily treatments where you lie in a clear acrylic chamber and receive pure oxygen at slightly higher than atmospheric pressure. Afterwards you are told that your wound has healed and your leg will not have to be amputated after all. Can you imagine the relief?

This is one of the possible benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).  It is an amazing medical treatment that can help with numerous medical conditions, including wounds that are difficult to heal, decompression sickness (the bends) and radiation therapy tissue damage.  

North America is lucky to have an abundance of hyperbaric facilities, but this is not the case in South Africa.  Thanks to the initiative and persistence of Daniel Gericke, however, there is a new hyperbaric facility at the Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg.

Please consider helping out with a donation to the Milpark Hyperbaric Foundation at  

We believe so strongly in hyperbaric oxygen therapy and in the Milpark facility that will match every donation made to the Foundation up to a total of 50,000 South African Rand (ZAR).  200 ZAR is roughly equivalent to $20 Canadian or $16 US.  We really hope you will help us.

With thanks and best wishes. 

Deane Nesbitt Jr.