Remembrance Day


There are 525,600 minutes in a year.  During two of these we remain silent specifically to remember those who fought for freedom on our behalf, many of whom never returned home. 

Every one of these individuals who fought for freedom is a hero.  Most of them are uncelebrated.  Had the oppressors they fought against in other lands gained control, their domain would most certainly have spread and our lives here would be very different today. 

No matter how many books, documentaries, movies or photographs we study about war, no one who has not been involved in war can possibly imagine its horrors or the emotions of those who go through it.  How can we possibly repay these individuals?  We can’t.

What we can do however, is fully appreciate what they have done, not take it for granted, and make sure that their efforts are safeguarded, by protecting those freedoms and not allowing them to be eroded, however gradually. 

The other thing we can do is to “pay it forward” by trying to do something meaningful, however small, for someone else.    

The following video, Anthem for the Unsung Hero, is a tribute to all those who risk their lives to keep us safe and whose actions are not acknowledged anywhere near the extent they should be.  As you will see, unsung heroes aren’t always human.  One of the characteristics of these unsung heroes is that they never set out to help in order to be acknowledged or thanked.  They just go ahead and do it.     

This November 11, let’s remember them. 

Deane Nesbitt JrComment