Angels of the Ice


The ice floes stretched in all directions as far as the eye could see, a vast expanse of brilliant white shapes outlined by dark jagged patches of the ocean.  By contrast, the sky was such a clear blue that if an artist painted it that way, a critic would say it was too perfect. 

I was in the water at the edge of one of the ice floes, but I had no idea how I got there.  For some reason I could not feel the intense cold, but I knew I had to scramble out onto the ice floe beside me, or I would suffer the same fate as those who had been aboard the white wooden vessel I could see on the ocean floor through the clear water. 

No one was in sight.  However, a chorus of voices from some unseen source repeated a chant I had never heard before, over and over.  The chant was forceful and hypnotic.  I was in a perilous situation, but instinctively I felt the voices were on my side, encouraging me to make it to safety onto the ice floe.

This dream was the inspiration for my new contemporary instrumental single, Angels of the Ice.  The end product is the result of various talents working together, under the coordination of arranger, Brian Gagnon.  Cesco Emmanuel is the guitarist. Daphne Nesbitt is the lead vocalist.  Brian Gagnon and l are on keyboards.  We have just released the song to radio stations across North America and I hope you will be hearing it soon.

Angels of the Ice strives to convey the mystery and spirituality of the setting and this lends itself particularly well to film, as evidenced so skilfully by our video editor, Alex Coleman, of The Field.  The northern and southern lights are magnificent and otherworldly.  The animals at each location are to be admired, as they somehow survive in the harshest habitats on earth.

However you might interpret angels, I sincerely hope you enjoy the following.

Deane Nesbitt JrComment