The Door in the Tree

If you were walking through the woods on a summer’s day and you came across this little door in a tree, what would you do?  Would you try to open it?  What would you expect to find? 

In any case you would probably wonder what’s behind it.  Maybe the tree is hollowed out inside or perhaps there’s a stairway in the tree leading up or down.  In short, it would stir your imagination.   

I write my music in the same way as I built this little door.  Like the door, it is hoped that the music might open up all sorts of possibilities in the listener’s imagination.

Among other things, the door in the tree says summer to me.  Each of the four seasons has its respective beauty, but summer in Canada is prized, particularly because of the long winter that precedes it.  I hope this summer is one of your most enjoyable, whether or not you encounter any doors in trees.  (In this case, the stairway leads down, but that’s another storey!)   

Here is the video of “Canadian Summer.”  Before my CD Music in Search of a Movie, “Canadian Summer” received the most airplay of all my songs.  The arrangement is by Brian Gagnon, who is featured on guitar.  I’m on keyboards.  Enjoy the warmth.