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Film Legacy of War is shown at the Canadian War Museum on Remembrance Day 

Legacy of War Still

On November 11, 2018, the Canadian War Museum featured Legacy of War, the film by director Gina Dineen with music by Deane Nesbitt Jr., as part of its Remembrance Day program. In attendance (and shown left to right in one of the photos above) were Deane, Gina, Bill Mogavero and co-producer Michele Fisher. Bill, who survived the Canoe River Crash and fought in the Korean War from 1950-1952, was one of the veterans featured in the film.

Legacy of War is a musically-driven short documentary that follows soldiers through the stages of war, from the excitement of signing up to the ravages of battle, from the euphoria of victory to the inevitable aftermath of trauma, grief and remembrance. It features original footage from World War II and stories from Canadian veterans, whose legacy is our democracy and freedom.

“It was an honour to be part of the observation of Remembrance Day at the Canadian War Museum,” said Deane. “Legacy of War is a moving reminder that the freedom we enjoy is the result of the effort and dedication that came before us. It was especially meaningful that Bill was able to be there with us, and to be part of Canada’s national ceremony.”

Watch the trailer:

Legacy of War (English)

L'héritage de la guerre (bilingue)

Legacy of War: Soundtrack soon available on upcoming album

Legacy of War CD cover.jpeg

The composition that inspired the short documentary film, Legacy of War, will be released soon as part of Deane’s upcoming album, Soundtracks in the Sand.

Deane wrote the music in memory of his father, a fighter pilot with the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II, and a member of No. 1 Canadian Squadron in the Battle of Britain. “So many men and women made sacrifices so that we can enjoy the live we have today,” said Deane. “The least we can do is try and safeguard those efforts.”

For Teachers & Educators

Looking for a program to educate students about WWII, Remembrance Day and the sacrifices that still shape our world today? Legacy of War is a musically-driven short film that will hold their attention. The DVD includes bonus material: vignettes of five veterans describing their unique experiences.

In English and French. Suitable for students in Grades 6-12 + post-secondary.

Visit to learn more.

Watch a Veteran Vignette

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