Soundtracks in the Sand Now Available 

Soundtracks in the Sand was inspired by films that contain Deane's music. The album includes African, Caribbean, Mexican, Celtic and North American influences.

Deane's music has formed the soundtrack from two recent films, Change for Chimps featuring Jane Goodall and Legacy of War, featuring World War II Veterans and original footage from the war. The music from these films is included on this new CD, together with other original compositions.

Music composed by Deane Nesbitt Jr.
Arranged by Brian Gagnon and Deane Nesbitt Jr.
Piano and Keyboards by Deane Nesbitt Jr. and Brian Gagnon
Produced by Brian Gagnon

Featuring Cesco Emmanuel (Guitar), Ian Goodtimes (Bagpipes), Daphne Nesbitt (Lead Vocals), Deborah Quigley (Uilleann Pipes) and Ira Zingraff (Trumpet)