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"Soundtracks in the Sand is not an album about a genre or a style; it’s not about anything except the feeling that wells up while it’s playing."

- Xttrawave

"...easygoing meditation at the beach reshaping into a triumphant trek through the dunes. This is a prime example of Nesbitt’s varietal imagination at work, and it only continues to translate exceptionally."

- Music Existence

"'Tracking the Soldier,' a standout instrumental off of his latest project, Soundtracks in the Sand, is another example of Nesbitt’s musical excellence."

- The Music Reviews, Reviewing ‘Tracking the Solider’

"This Celtic-inspired, traditional and organic piece of music is immensely uplifting."

- Stereo Stickman, Reviewing ‘Tracking the Soldier’

"Soundtracks in the Sand has the ability to take you somewhere far away, lifting you out of your current moment, and inspiring you to do and feel more."

- Broken 8 Records

"The meticulous sculpting of his soundscapes, allows them to flourish without the filmed imagery, because they create their own."

- Jacob Aiden, Author, Jamsphere

Philby Award Winner 2015 — One of the top 100 music CDs of the year and the year's Best Dramatic Music. 

"Angels of the Ice" one of The Philby Hot 100 Songs of 2016. 

- Phil Maq, Radio Host, WHFR.FM 89.3, Michigan

"The beautiful, haunting and almost mystery-laden melody of Angels of the Ice is totally mesmerizing." 

— George V., Toronto, ON

"Every single track on Nesbitt album a precious gem… those who enjoy instrumental albums must get this one!"

— Ray’s Reviews, Journal-Pioneer, Summerside, PEI

"Giant of a talent!"

— AM 1060/CKMX, Calgary

"I have never had the pleasure of meeting [him]…But I feel he wrote his music for me."

— Jim Van Horne, Sports Broadcaster

"(Nesbitt's music) has a filmic quality. It wouldn’t sound out of place punctuating the dramatic moments of some epic narrative."

— Gabino Travassos, Mote Magazine

"Nesbitt’s very background and his apparent ability to perceive the interest factor, create a bonding with his listener..."

— Walt Grealis, co-founder of the Juno Awards, Canada's Music Awards

"Deane Nesbitt writes music that soothes the soul and sets the mind at ease."

— Francesco Emmanuel, The Muse’s Muse

"Love at first sight…or rather sound. This CD is for anyone who loves music that can capture the mind, the heart, and yes…even the soul."

— Stephanie Wilcox, Mind’s Eye, Nanaimo, BC

"Everywhere from Here could be the soundtrack to the Canadian wilderness."

— Richard Amery, Daily Miner & News, Kenora, ON

 "Well performed, good arrangements, excellent recording."

— Peter Appleyard, Jazz Musician, about Castaway

Press Reviews

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