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Inspirational short film, Change for Chimps, features soundtrack by Deane Nesbitt Jr.

Change for Chimps, a short narrative film that celebrates the power of children to make a difference in the world, follows 10-year-old Kendra, whose love and compassion for chimpanzees takes her on a journey to help chimps live in the jungles with their families. On her quest to collect donations and signatures, she inspires her classmates to join the campaign and makes new friends along the way - including her hero, Dr. Jane Goodall.

The film premiered on September 9, 2016, at the Toronto Independent Film Festival and was subsequently screened at the Boston International Kids Film Festival last November, the Big Easy International Film Festival in New Orleans this past January, and the Colorado Environmental Film Festival in February.

Deane is honoured to have his music serve as the soundtrack to this visually beautiful film, with its positive and important message for animal welfare. Anthem for the Unsung Hero (at sunset), which is the main theme used in the film, can be found on the CD Music in Search of a Movie.

What was originally intended to be a music video for Deane Nesbitt Jr.’s Anthem for the Unsung Hero (at sunset) quickly evolved into a heart warming film of hope when Canadian director Lisa Mann of The Field came onboard. Listening to the song through headphones on her dock, she had an image of chimpanzees and a young girl wanting to follow in the footsteps of her hero, Dr. Jane Goodall. Change for Chimps was born.

Lisa, Deane, John Choi (Director of Photography) and the rest of the talented film crew traveled to The Fauna Foundation, a chimpanzee sanctuary outside of Montreal, Quebec, and to Save The Chimps in Fort Pierce, Florida to capture footage for the film. Both are sanctuaries for rescued chimpanzees that can no longer be released into the wild.

Serendipitously, Dr. Goodall was in Toronto around the time of the filming. Through the help of the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada, Dr. Goodall graciously took time from her busy schedule to make a cameo appearance. The Jane Goodall Institute in the U.S. provided the rollicking chimpanzee footage from its Tchimpounga Sanctuary in the Congo, which is seen at the end of the film.

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Deane's CD, Music in Search of a Movie, received airplay on over 300 radio stations across America. It ranked on five CMJ charts, reaching one of the top three positions on each. It is a Philby Award Winner, one of the top 100 music CDs of 2015 and Best Dramatic Music of the year.

"Canadian Christmas" made Yangaroo's Top 10 Downloads & Most Active Indies - Week of December 19, 2016. 

"Angels of the Ice" ranked in The Philby Hot 100 Songs of 2016.

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The hymn from Finlandia is one of the most moving national songs there is. Understandably, it had particular meaning to one of Deane's listeners.  


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