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Deane Nesbitt Jr. is a Canadian musician, composer and recording artist. His music ranges from grand and soaring to melodic and inspirational. Each song is a story that takes the listener on a voyage to a different time and place, such as the delta of Okavango or gone-too-soon loveliness of a northern summer.

   Photo by Pete Paterson

Photo by Pete Paterson

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Creative inspiration comes from the most unexpected of circumstances… Read what inspired Deane to compose Angels of the Ice.


Played on more than 300 stations across America, Deane’s music has gained an international following. He is currently working on a soundtrack to a short film featuring Dr. Jane Goodall, about a little girl who goes on a campaign to raise money for chimpanzee sanctuaries. As he is a dedicated animal lover and wildlife conservationist, this project is a meaningful one for him.

Deane plays the piano and other keyboards entirely by ear and does not read music. In his twenties, he regularly entertained people with visual impairments with his piano playing. Using the raised keys as a type of Braille, he found he could teach piano to people who could not see. His first album, On the Black Keys and by Ear, was produced to raise money for the blind. After his first album, Deane entertained repeatedly in Europe, where he met and played for Hollywood legend, Greta Garbo.

Inspired by the epic music of Hans Zimmer and the modern classical orchestrations of Rondò Veneziano, Deane continued to compose and released four more albums, including Everywhere from Here (featuring his bestselling song, Canadian Summer) and his latest CD, Music in Search of a Movie.

Deane was born in Montreal and lives in Toronto with his family. He is also a painter and photographer, and loves going deep into nature as his creative source. 


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